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Grade 7: Human Body – what do we want to teach?

I have been thrown into a bit of a quandary since this morning. It all started when I was reviewing a bunch of lessons for grade 7. The topic was “Human Body” and lessons were to cover aspects regarding the circulatory, respiratory, digestive and excretory system. When I started reading through, I was thrown off-gear [...]

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Learning Science through Stories

We all grow up hearing stories from our elders about so many different things. Stories form the key to child’s learning especially during elementary stages. They capture a child’s imaginations in the text. Children of all ages love when learning happens in a narrative way through stories. One can teach so many concepts to a [...]


“The Physics of Angry Birds”

The other day I was watching my niece play the game of angry birds and how much in precision she was placing the bird so that it hits the aim well. I had not paid heed to it earlier butobserving the game carefully I realized the game could be an excellent way of teaching few [...]