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Educational Innovations and the DAV schools: In Conversation with the Academic Supervisors

Posted on Aug 05, 2014 by Shradha Patnaik | Category: Blog, Field Notes | Comments: none

“With the increasing frequency of our visits to DAV Public School, SreshthaVihar, it almost feels like home”, says Dr. Priyanka Jain, Lead- Teacher Education, #Educational #Innovations. Having completed two successful workshop series with the teachers of this school on #Effective #Teaching #Learning, Educational Innovations (EI) recently conducted a 2-day workshop with the Academic Supervisors of various DAV schools in the Delhi NCR.

The workshop, titled Role of Supervisors in Academics, aimed at equipping the supervisors in enhancing academics in their schools. The supervisors were oriented with the approaches to pedagogy, lesson planning and the key elements of a conducive learning environment in a school. It also focused on the vision of subject teaching as laid down by the National Curriculum Framework 2005 (NCF). The school’s principal, Mrs. PremLataGarg, also spoke about the importance of the NCF and how the role of the supervisors and teachers is vital in ensuring academic success in schools. Mrs. Garg calls NCF the ‘bible of education’. For her, each and every teacher should know exactly why s/he wants to teach and the purpose toward which s/he is working. SreshthaVihar scored an average of 97.7 per cent in computer science in the class 12 board exams this year. Mr. Ashok Kumar Goel teaches C++ in the school and is one dedicated educator. Available 24*7 to his students, Mr. Goel used to wait for his students in the school till 9 in the night. Students used to finish their coaching classes and come back to school and get their doubts resolved from him. It is this dedication that PremLata ma’am talks about. She emphasises how important it is to marry co-curricular excellence with good academic results.

Discussions and activities were also conducted on the vision of the NCF 2005 and Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) along with the importance of conceptual teaching and understanding and developing higher order thinking skills. These in turn led to practical worries raised by the supervisors. They were concerned with the high teacher-student ratio in most schools, teacher bias and the casual attitude of students. A major issue faced by them was the procurement of projects. CCE directs that projects be given to students as part of their #formative #assessment. The teachers seemed to agree that because of the massive amount of work at school, they end up giving projects to students as homework. Now, because of no time or incompetence in making these projects, the students end up outsourcing these projects which does not solve the initial purpose of the task. The workshop allowed the teachers to think about these issues and come to a consensus that projects can and should be given as part of the students’ classwork.

The workshop also gave an opportunity to the teachers to introspect on the role of the various stakeholders in a school, namely, students, parents, teachers and the school leadership. Discussing about the role of and expectations from supervisors, it was established that a supervisor should have at least a working knowledge of all the subjects. It is only then that s/he can help and impart knowledge to other teachers.

Overall, the workshop led the supervisorsto be more positive about the CCE framework who now wanted to implement it in the right spirit. They agreed on the importance of all stakeholders working together and that once understood completely, the NCF will prove to be very helpful to each one of them. It felt good to know that the supervisors valued the workshop and were motivated to share their learning with the teachers in their respective schools.

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