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A New Beginning…

It was 4 in the morning and I was really nervous and excited to get to the railway station. I had to catch a 6:15 train to Lucknow, the city of nawaabs. This happened to be my first out station work trip at Educational Innovations and my visit to the city as well. Seth M R Jaipuria School recently inaugurated a franchise at Bansal Campus. For this, Educational Innovations was invited to conduct a 2-day workshop on Effective Teaching Learning for the newly recruited teachers of the school.

Defining their curriculum with the core idea of self-learning, the Jaipuria schools imagine education to be holistic. Our workshop focused on imparting the new teachers with the vision of the Jaipuria schools. It also oriented them with the curriculum development process, the importance of higher order thinking skills and approaches to pedagogy.

I must admit that I had my inhibitions regarding the teachers at first. These of course were shed once we started interacting and I heard their views on the various topics under discussion in these two days. They were quite vocal about their ideas and contributed their views through the activities and discussions.

Excusing myself from the workshop, I made my way to the principal’s office. A very warm and welcoming lady, Mrs. Monica Tewari calls herself a man! Having joined the school just a day before our arrival, Mrs. Tewari had a packed schedule meeting parents of prospective students. “The admission process is quite a gigantic task”, she acknowledged.

I quickly struck up a conversation with Monica ma’am, having shared a similar personal background. Talking about her experience, she shared her plans and vision for the Jaipuria School, Bansal Campus. She is very sure as to how she wants her mentors (teachers) to perform in school. Mentors are expected to share their ideas and views on different teaching practices in their staff work station. More than anything, for Mrs. Tewari, it is of utmost importance that a teacher listens first and dictates later.

A hard task master, Mrs. Monica Tewari agrees that there is a lot to be done in the school; systems have to come in place and challenges need to be overcome. For her, a student revolves around her/his school, home and tuitions. Mrs. Tewari’s focus lies on making the Bansal campus students say no to tuitions! The school is going to undertake counselling sessions for the parents as well as teachers along with providing a lot of diagnostic tools to assess the child.

She believes in the philosophy of treating the student as a plain white paper who can be shaped by the teacher. The teacher in turn will be made to appreciate each student just the way s/he is. Getting rid of punishments completely, Mrs. Tewari wants to imbibe a mix of modern technology with Indian culture into the school learning environment.

We continued chatting about our experiences for a while. Just then, a knock on her door was a reminder for me to take her leave as there were a group of parents waiting for Monica ma’am. It was then that I was told that the number of admissions had risen to 175 from 92 in a day. Wishing the principal good luck for the admissions and the new school session, I quickly made my way out towards the workshop room where the participants shared their excitement about the curriculum development process and its implementation. Their zeal and eagerness assured me that they indeed were. Well, so were we!

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We all grow up hearing stories from our elders about so many different things. Stories form the key to child’s ...